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Did you know that a roof certification is different than a home inspection? At Best Roof Roofing, we know how important it is that you purchase a home knowing as many of the repair needs as possible. Our roof certification process is used my real estate professionals, homeowners, and home sellers to ensure that the roof is not only functional, but free from major repairs.

Our friendly roofing experts will look thoroughly at your roofing materials, overall condition of your roof, ridge caps & drip edges, flashing (if applicable), and of course your roofing drainage system including gutters, downspouts, and valleys.

Be proactive in protecting your home from unnecessary damage due to roof leaks caused by storm damage or inadequate installation. Have our Denver residential roof repairing experts perform a complete roof certification and give your yourself, your buyers, and your seller peace of mind knowing your roof is in great condition.

If you are a homeowner looking to sell, a roof certification is the best way to let potential buyers know that there is no roof damage from roof leaks. A roof inspection can be used as an adjunct but will not have as much impact as a roof certification. In some cases, roof inspections will require more frequent roof repairs or focus on just one roof repair instead of the roof as a whole.

A roof certification is different than a roof inspection because it focuses on the roof as a system and not just one roof leak. A roofing contractor inspects every section to ensure that there are no roof leaks present anywhere on the roof or in any of the repaired areas.

If you are a home seller this is the best way to ensure that your roof certification will eliminate roof leaks as an issue for potential buyers.

You may be asking yourself why you need a roof certification when roof inspections are usually just about roof leaks and roofing repairs. The answer is simple: roof certifications find far more than just roof leaks and roof repair issues.

While roof inspections will find roof leaks, roof certifications are able to find any structural issues with your roof decking or roof components that may result in roof leaks occurring.

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